The Muscly Jerk
This Program May Cause Minor Neck Injuries to Gorgeous Women
Who Turn Their Heads Too Quickly to Take a Good Look at

The Muscly Jerk Knocks Puny So-Called "Players" Aside To Reveal How Huge Muscles Are His Secret to Attracting Smokin' Hot Females & How You Can
Build Massive Muscle In Only 12 Weeks

"The power my body had over women was really surprising at first - now I find it hilarious!"
-- Jamie K, Canada
"After throwing myself in to your program 100% my confidence grew like my muscles"
-- Wayne, UK

"How Your Physique Affects the Female Mind"

Inside You Will Learn:

  • The secrets guys in the gym are hiding from you and are scared you may find out about women
  • Who women really prefer; sensitive guys or macho men? You will be surprised at the response - it isn't what you're thinking and comes straight from the horses mouth!
  • How to be in the tiny minority of guys women come on to and fiercely compete with other women for

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Listen Up You Puny Little Man!

You may have noticed the increase in online publications trying to teach guys how to "pick up hot chicks" and "talk to sexy women" blah, blah, blah. It's pathetic. Most of these books, newsletters and websites were obviously written by weenies.

Sure. Any moron can go to a club, wait for an attractive girl to down a few drinks, talk a good line of B.S., and use her for sex. Sorry, but I'm NOT impressed. If you want to improve your sex life without resorting to tricking women into sleeping with you (and without being prosecuted for rape) � get your scrawny @ss in the gym.

"How's that going to improve my sex life?"

Are you kidding me? I thought wimps were supposed to be smart. Take a minute to think about that Einstein. It means - if you put in a little time and effort to build a rock-solid, muscular body - YOU DON'T NEED A BOOK TO PICK UP GIRLS!

As a matter of fact, you don't have to pick up girls at all. Absolutely gorgeous girls will come to YOU. Totally hot, incredibly sexy women will approach you in places you wouldn't even think about looking for them.

E-mail from John M from the USA:

"Your program is amazing - seriously, I have never felt this good in years and the chicks love me. Here's a pic of a little hottie I picked up on vacation.. well I say picked up..she came up to me and put a fancy drink in my hand before suggesting we go somewhere more private.......what's to say but thanks!!!!!"

-- John M, USA

Facts are facts, my puny friend. ..and this one you cannot deny -

Girls Love Muscles!

Girls Love Muscles!Log into ANY social network and browse through some of the profiles of buff guys who pose shirtless to impress girls on the system. You might feel a little "weird" when you first do this. It's called insecurity - get over it! That's probably why you're having trouble getting laid in the first place.

Read some of the comments that women from all over the world post for these guys, trying desperately to win their attention over the other posts. It makes you think that maybe you should bulk up a bit, doesn't it?

Yes! You really should. You will look better, feel better, and it will work miracles for your sex life.

Look at some of the messages I received in one week after
putting my actual photos on a popular social networking site.

"hey hun how r ya? ur well sexy! hope 2 hear from ya my msn is [removed]. hope to hear from ya lv k x x x"

"hiya u seem fit n hav sumthi bout u which wants me to get to know u more so msg me if ur interested.x"

"hey u got msn? x x"

"hey, how ya doin? liking what i c so would u do us both a favour n message me bak? X"

"looks very much as you are into keepfit as much as me lets chat soon pam"


"heyy nice pics :p gud nite 2nite?x"

"Hi , you are hot"

"hey there sexy have u got msn messenger luv sarah"

"hiya babe i dnt usualy browse but god im so bored! im just wondering if ya up 4 a chat lol if u r add me [removed]"

"heyaa! you oki? ur hot X beth X"

This is only a handful of the messages that came in.
Many of them were very graphic & very naughty.
...and some contained very tempting offers.

My Shameful Little Secret

I wasn't always big. Actually, I was rather gangly, with very little muscle tone to speak of. This sort of thing never happened to me before. I would receive maybe one message every other month (if that). Even worse, it was usually from an ugly girl.

Frankly, I was getting a little sick of it. So I put together a diet and weight training program after months of pain-staking research and headed for the gym. It didn't happen overnight, but it wasn't long before I started getting noticed .

...and now my ratings are going through the roof!



PROVEN FACT - Although we have evolved over
time the deep-rooted animal instincts that cause women
to be attracted to the dominant males has not changed.

Dominance in 12 Weeks

There are THREE WAYS to put off that "dominant male" aura that women buzz to like bees to honey. They can smell it on you like good cologne. It's all about confidence, and here are the only three ways to have it.

  1. You can talk good game - This takes years of practice to build the level of confidence I'm talking about.

  2. You can be rich - Sorry, but if I could help you with this one I sure as hell wouldn't have time to teach you how to get buff.

  3. You can be big and damn sexy - Do as I tell you and you can be on your way to attracting women who used to be out of your league in only twelve weeks.

By simply eating the right amounts of the right foods and lifting weights the proper way you can maximize your muscle growth and see amazing gains very quickly while minimizing the risk of injury.

Nick from the United Kingdom

"Sorry about the crap photo but I wanted to show you my progress after week 12 cos I'm soooo happy - my friends still can't believe how much I've changed and I think they're getting a bit jelous now lol. I think I have inspired them to hit the weights too cos I know they all wanna get big like me now they've seen how quick the gains come and the extra special interest I'm getting from the ladies LOL!!"

-- Nick, United Kingdom

Following my proven system in only 12 weeks you can:

Put on more muscle mass than you ever thought possible
Feel better, with more strength and energy
Blast your confidence sky-high
Put your self-esteem into overdrive
Begin to attract beautiful women effortlessly

I can't even begin to tell you how much your life will change when you commit yourself to building your body. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder with an ugly girlfriend? No? Neither have I.

Now You Can Get Big Fast
Yes, runt. Even YOU Can Do This

I will teach you everything you need to know about building muscle mass quickly, and safely. If you do as I tell you - you WILL get bigger. What I cannot do is is make you big while you are just sitting on your scrawny tush watching TV.

You have to commit to yourself. Commit to a better, healthier way of life ... to something that's going to make you look good and feel great. Better still - commit to something that's going to get you more sex with the hottest women you've ever been with in your life.

Commit Now!
...or Forever Remain a Little
Cream Puff Who Cannot Easily
Score High Quality Tail

YES! I want to improve my body, my life, my health, my confidence, my self-esteem, and have beautiful women hitting on me for a change.

That wasn't so bad, was it? By the way - congratulations. You've just taken a major step toward your goal. You'd be surprised how many turds there are out there who are too damn scared to commit to anything - even something that will change their lives forever.

I'll admit that you could probably buy yourself a book on "picking up girls", learn to throw down a smooth line,  and (after much practice) b*llshit your way into the bedroom. But those programs come with no real benefits to you health, life and well-being. And it's SO much easier to get "action" when hot women are interested in you before you open your mouth to say anything at all.

7 Weeks Until Sweet Smiles & Self-Esteem!

Paul just 5 weeks in to my program
This was Paul from the UK just 7 weeks in to my program and on his way to being irresistible to women - they were already staring and taking a big interest in his new powerful physique.

You won't make it through the full twelve weeks before women start to notice you. You walk by - they smile. The door opens automatically. Simply smile back and say "Hi" or "Hello". Sounds tough, right? If you can't handle that - give it up!

It feels great when you catch girls looking at you and admiring your body. If you want to build your confidence, this IS the way to do it. No therapy, no "positive self talk" - Get Big.

You will soon notice that you get more respect from other guys too. If you've ever felt like someone talked down to you - it's because they did. When you pack on muscle mass ... IT STOPS. It's not that they aren't the same sh*theads that they were three months ago. It's because they don't want you to knock them on their @ss.

Sculpt a Strong, Muscular Body
That Commands Respect & Drives
Women Crazy In Only 12 Weeks!

The Muscly Jerk Guide

Bodybuilding has come a long way over the past few years.

Amazing muscle gains can now be yours by simply tailoring your nutrition and weight training specifically for gaining muscle mass.

In my book I'm going to teach you everything you need to know to pack on serious muscle mass in only 12 weeks.

Steroids are NOT the answer!
It's all about taking in the right amounts of the right foods, weight training in the right way, and getting enough rest to ensure growth, recovery and vitality.

E-mail from Will H from the USA:

"I had to e-mail you, this is like some un-told secret that you never hear guys with muscles talk about and that girls are far too ashamed to admit..

I don't know your real name but to me you're more than just a Muscly Jerk - you're an intelligent guy who has helped me achieve not only a desirable physique and healthy lifestyle but your program gave me me the ultimate power to un-lock the one thing that I had been missing out on in life - a happy social life with the opposite gender and plenty of sex like all the other guys seemed to get so easily.

I can't thank you enough for everything. Despite my initial skepticism I have to shout from the roof tops about your program and state it is a total life-changer - I'm living proof"

-- Will H, USA.

In The Muscly Jerk Guide You Will Learn:

Nutritional Secrets to Faster Muscle Recovery and Growth
How to Use a Basic Barbell and Dumbbell Set to Work Your Entire Body in the Comfort of Your Own Home
Exactly Which Foods You Can Eat to Maximize Muscle Gains
Which Exercises You Need to Perform - How Many & How Often
Which Natural Foods You Can Eat to Send Your Testosterone Levels Through The Roof

Proven Workout Plans Covering Exercises You Can Use in the Gym and At Home

How to Accurately Measure and Weigh Yourself to Track Your Progress
Why Working Out Only 3 Times Per Week at 60 Minutes Per Session Promotes Faster Growth and Better Recovery
How to Easily Maintain Your Massive Physique Forever

Packing on pounds of solid muscle mass will change your life forever. But let's not forget the reason - your motivation - for getting big in the first place. You want more sex, with beautiful women, and you want them to come to you for a change.

"How to Deal with Interest from Hot Chicks"

How to Deal With Interest from Hot ChicksIf you haven't been real popular with women before you will probably screw up the first few times a girl decides to throw attention your way. I've put this guide together so you can take advantage of those early opportunities as women begin to subtly hit on you. You will learn to pick up the little "hints" they drop and what to say to at this critical point. Say the right thing and she's yours. Say the wrong thing and she's gone.

"How to Juggle More Than One Girl at a Time"

How to Juggle More Than One Girl At a TimeObviously you don't want to settle down with the first girl who wants your hot, new body, right? Of course not. Don't limit your options by entering a committed relationship too soon. Learn how to deal with and date more than one girl at a time without losing their respect. Do this right and women will compete for your attention while pretending that they don't care that you are dating around. Translation - Sexual Freedom!

"Techniques for the Bedroom that Ensure
They Keep Coming Back for More"

Techniques for the BedroomAfter working so hard to get girls to start chasing you, it would be a shame to earn yourself a bad reputation in the bedroom. Screw up here and she won't want to come back. Even worse - she'll telI her friends. Let me show you my little "magic trick". Using this technique you can give her an earth shattering orgasm ever time without even getting your penis involved. Not that you'd want to leave the little guy on the sidelines while you play the game, but you can do this before you start - or after you've "finished" - so she leaves satisfied every time.

E-mail from James P from the USA:

"Here's my photo for your website I don't mind, your program is excellent! You wouldn't believe how many years I'd wasted trying to put on muscle reading those bodybuilding magazines. I now know they're full of trash and that your program actually works! Best of luck to you and thanks a lot."

-- James P, USA

My friend and ex-training partner told me I'd be an idiot if I sold this package to anyone for less than fifty bucks. So I kicked his @ss for calling me an idiot, and you can have it for only $37.

But, if it continues to be a hot seller I may have to raise my price to $50 (or more) and go apologize.

A Bigger, Stronger, Sexier Body
Or Your Money Back!

I stand behind my product 100%. It worked for me. It works for my customers, and it will work for you. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all - say so. I'll give you your money back. I will ask no questions. ...and I will NOT hunt you down and beat you severely. Really, I won't.

You Have 8 Weeks to Use My Mass Building System
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8 Full Weeks of Training
Start Getting Noticed or Get Your Money Back!

You can have instant access to my proven system - even if it's 2:00 am. Everything you see here is available for immediate download and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You have massive muscles and a better sex life to gain ... and nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for, little man?


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I look forward to making you BIG.

P.S. Look wimp, I'm not going to twist your arm to buy my book. I don't want to dislocate your shoulder. Either you want to FORCE unbelievably hot girls to look at you like a big, juicy porkchop - or you don't (What the **** are you thinking?).

Disclaimer: The material on this website or that which is contained in the Muscly Jerk Guides does not and is not intended to replace medical or professional advice. Please consult a doctor if you are thinking about weight training or changing your diet.