The Muscly Jerk Affiliate Program

Attention Affiliate Marketer!

Would you like to earn $24.92 per sale promoting my program? That's a whopping 75% commision for convincing guys who are sick of not getting the attention they deserve to pack on muscle so they're noticed.

How to Promote My Program

Simply sign-up to Clickbank who are the payment processing company that I host my program with and then follow the instructions below:

1. Send visitors to The Muscly Jerk via a Clickbank hoplink in your website or PPC campaign. Clickbank tracks the visitors you send to us and pay you for the ones that purchase. You can be paid for a sale up to 60 days after they first visit as a cookie is stored on their computer.

2. Once the visitor decides to purchase The Muscly Jerk Guide they are sent to a secure Clickbank page where they fill in there payment details. At the bottom of this page there is an affiliate code stating which affiliate sent the visit to the page - this will be yours.

3. Once the payment is processed and cleared Clickbank then sends 75% of the sale to you and I receive the remaining 25%. You will receive payment twice monthly in the form of a check.

That's it! The first step is to get a Clickbank ID so you can send your visitors through your personal hoplink.

Sign Up With Clickbank Here!

Target Demographic:

By far the best converting demographic is young males seeking to attract women or to build muscle.

Promotion Materials & Banners to Use



E-Mail me if you have any questions or if I can help you out in any way - I'm only an e-mail away and will generally respond within 12 hours.